Disruptor for Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

Future Public Nuisance Countermeasure

I've previously written about why I think electronic cigarettes are due for a design driven shakeup, and I figured I'd take that presumed outcome to an extreme conclusion. In the future, electronic cigarettes will be so common, we'll need devices for disabling them around us just to get a breath of fresh air. At least, that's my premise of this device. Please keep in mind that this is more of a science fiction prop idea than a real thing that I see really becoming common. Lawmakers are already restricting where electronic cigarettes may be used in public places, so I don't really see it becoming much more of a problem regardless. With that in mind, let us forge on.

I imagined that a small, localized EMP beam focused directly at an electronic cigarette could disable its internal components for a short amount of time while a person might get a short respite from the near-constant nicotine-laced water vapor. Of course, how would this beam omit? Would it be through a moving lens, or a passive compound sense array? I thought that the fewer moving parts were involved, the more power would be conserved, so I figured on a passive lens array, not unlike the eye of a fly that can see in all nearly all directions in a pixelated wide angle perspective.

Guess which part is a rendering. The truth might not surprise you. Image credit: Pexels

Guess which part is a rendering. The truth might not surprise you. Image credit: Pexels

I tried my hand at placing a rendering in a realistic space. You can get a feel for the size and physical presence of this device, and what it might be like to use in a public setting such as at a cafe or in an office.


And here we have a rough, blown-up sketch. I wanted to explore most of the components at work in as much overall detail as possible. If your concept falls apart when separated into its discrete parts, that probably means that you need to re-evaluate something.


This is the eventually-rendered model, presented blown up. I didn't include all of the probable electrical components, but I did leave space for probable circuitry and manufacturing allowances that would be probable in a product like this. I also altered the taper at the top of the device to be more subtle, hopefully appearing more sleek while maintaining a robust appearance.


The product rendered with a focal length adjustment. Notice how the blur can add to the realism, and can actually bring out the texture, as well as the gentle taper in the body from the center to the outside. The lens assembly looks almost smooth and clear enough to be one of Jareth's crystal balls from Labyrinth. I just saw that movie on Netflix, and it's been on my mind. It's a pretty good film, perfect to enjoy while sipping a nice beverage, or puffing on a vaporizer.

Just not around this device.